Seminář itSM Prakticky Speciál

Datum konání12. 6. 2018 15:00

Non technical aspects of DevOps
Ing. Ludmila Vráželová and Ing. et Mgr. Irena Konečná


DevOps – currently, one of the most discussed topics among IT specialists. DevOps practices can bring a dramatic increase in velocity of IT deliveries to business, provided they are correctly implemented. Surveys show, that one of the biggest challenges during the DevOps implementations, are the non-technical aspects of DevOps, I.E. the behavior of people and the way people communicate. We are skilled in upgrading technology (HW and SW), but do we know how to „upgrade“ the people, so that DevOps becomes natural to them? Ing. et Mgr. Irena Konečná, psychologist and consultant and Ing. Ludmila Vráželová, IT consultant with EXIN DevOps Master certification, will share their experiences, and will lead the discussion.

Non technical aspects of DevOps
DevOps Culture – Vyhodnocení zralosti DevOps Kultury
Analýza vztahu mezi DevOps a firemní kulturou s využitím modelu soupeřících hodnot